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Wednesday, August 28th 2013

10:53 AM

New Products Coming, The Holidays are just around the corner.


Summer is about to end and fall is stepping in. Topping that off we have a lot of new items coming into our stock for sale.  Looking forward to the holiday season and what it has instore for us all. It's also football season and boy am I looking forward to seeing my favorite team get busy this year hoping to see some big winning games from them for sure.  Click on anyone of our designer shops to view some of our new products in stock already loaded up in them and ready for our customers to design and create there one and only or as many as you want to Apparel and Accessories.

Although Summer is still going on and fall is not stepped in as of yet we have added a Summer favorite to our collection that will turn some heads and eyes.  Create and design your own flip flops.  Add text, add photos , add designs to them and wear them enjoy and have fun.


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